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Victory E-Cigarettes Review — The Quality Choice $0

Victory E-Cigarettes Review — The Quality Choice

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eCig review written by: Crystal Talia

Victory E-Cigarettes Review

I will admit, I’ve been a smoker for quite a while. Over the years, smoking has gotten very expensive, and the people around me have been trying to get me to quit, so I had been looking at e-cigarettes as an option. I tried patches, and gum, but it just isn’t the same–like a lot of smokers, I just like cigarettes. I read reviews on several different types of e-cigs, and tried a few disposables, but I just wasn’t too impressed. Then, a friend suggested I try Victory e-cigarettes, and I am very happy I did.


Victory e-cigarettes had a great deal on their e-cigarette starter kit, and since they also have a thirty day refund policy, I figured I’d go for the kit, instead of a disposable or two. When I got my kit, I was very impressed! The kit came with three chargers: a wall charger, a USB. and a car charger, and six “cartomizer” cartridges, and the battery. I chose a full strength menthol as my flavor of choice, but they also have strawberry, cherry, vanilla, blueberry and standard tobacco available. The e-cig is the same length as the 100’s I used to smoke, and just a little heavier. From reading a lot of e-cigarette reviews, I knew that I would be “vaping” differently than you normally smoke. For the best results, most people suggested taking several short quick puffs to build up the vapor, and it worked! Instead of the candy taste with the chemical aftertaste I had gotten from disposable e-cigs, I got a good mouthful of smooth, rich vapor that hit the back of my throat just right–enough to tingle without a tickle or a cough. It tasted almost exactly like a real cigarette. The first day or two I “smoked” normally, just picking it up and taking a few hits here and there, and sitting down and enjoying it for five minutes or so on a regular basis. A cartridge is supposed to last as long as twenty regular cigarettes, more or less. In my case, it turned out that I had probably been burning away a lot of money in the ashtray, because each cartridge lasts me almost a day and a half.


Victory E-Cigarettes Taste & Flavors

By the end of the first week, my house smelled great, I smelled great, and I had forgotten about the thirty day guarantee. I also joined Victory Cigs’ premium program to get the 40% savings on refills. At $26.95 a month for the equivalent of over two cartons of smokes, it was definitely the way to go. I decided to try a mix of flavors for my first refill, and chose to go with menthol, strawberry and vanilla. when the new flavors arrived, I was having a few second thoughts, but I reassured myself that I still had the guarantee, and gave it a try. It turns out the fruity flavors are really good! The vanilla was a mild “smoke”, and the strawberry tasted better than I expected by far, almost like a rich strawberry jam. I still think the menthol is the best, but the other flavors make a nice change. They offer three different strengths: standard (1.6% nicotine) Low (.6% nicotine) and zero nicotine, which is a real plus for people planning to use e-cigs to cut back or quit smoking over time. For the moment I am sticking with the full flavor, but I may try the lights next time I get a refill, just to see what I think. They are made in the U.S.A. as well, so the quality seems to be much more consistent than many of the e-cigs available on the market that I had tried before. The cartridges also haven’t gotten that burned flat taste at the end like a few others I tried first did.

When you read the Victory cigs reviews on their website, they certainly have a lot of very satisfied customers, as well. Once you have read e-cigarette reviews on all the major types, you’ll begin to see which brands consistently come out on top, and Victory is always at the top of the list. Their products are consistently high quality, well priced, lifetime guaranteed and their customer service is very fast, as is their shipping. Even though I re-ordered during the holiday shopping madness, I got my refill kit in ten days.

Victory E-Cigarettes Giveaway & Starter Kits

Currently, Victory e-cigs is actually giving away one million e-cigarette starter kits, with free shipping. They also enroll you in their premium refill program, but you have thirty days to cancel if you decide you don’t like it. As a refill program member, you get a free battery every three months, and the batteries and chargers all have a lifetime guarantee. So far, I haven’t had an issue with my chargers or my battery, but it’s nice to know I’ll be getting a spare every three months anyway.The free deal going on right now is the best deal anywhere, but if you want to try something smaller, they also have disposable e-cigs and a mini starter kit for $.01, basically it’s free!

When you look at the benefits of e-cigarettes over conventional tobacco products, it’s easy to see why this industry is growing so fast. Conventional tobacco has over 200 separate chemicals in it, produces second hand smoke, causes serious health problems for a lot of people, and smoking isn’t as socially accepted as it used to be. Cigarette smoke stains walls and upholstery over time, and many landlords are not renting to smokers because of the damage smoke causes in apartments and houses. Smoking regular cigarettes is bad for your wallet, your health, and often your social life, so switching to e-cigarettes is definitely worth considering. My family and friends are a lot happier with me now than they were a few months ago!

Electronic Cigarette review


E-cigarettes only produce nicotine vapor, so you get the nicotine you crave, without all the added costs, socially and physically–and you save a lot of money over the course of a year. The cost savings and being able to indulge my cravings wherever I want have certainly been worth making the change from tobacco to e-cigs. I even used my e-cig in my doctor’s office this month, as a matter of fact. My doctor was plased that I had decided to finally stop smoking real cigarettes, and I haven’t been coughing for a while now. Overall, I’d say that I am definitely a satisfied Victory customer.

Free E Cigarette Starter Kit from Victory Electrnic Cigarettes #1 E-Cig in the World


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